Tuesday, May 3

Make A Gift Basket With This RV Dish Drainer

Do most rvers already have one of these Camco Mini Dish Drainer and Tray Sets? Actually, YES! But the kitchen area is so heavily used (and easily soiled) when rving that we tend to replace ours quite often...so we would welcome a new one. But our true motive for showing you this affordable little item is because of its potential to be the start of a wonderful gift basket idea!

When the package is opened, it first sends the message that you actually bought a specialty item for this individual (you took time out to learn about things he/she uses). But then you can jazz it up with your own "goodies" for a personalized, true work of art. Fill it with homemade treats - or maybe even plastic plates and utensils, then cellophane around it. Those with a knack for creativity can have a lot of fun. Whoever receives this gift will know you took time to make it one-of-a-kind.

Also, this rv gift site has shared many small, cute ideas that would be perfect for this nifty idea. Think of items such as a keychain compass, small levels, a classic RV movie DVD or a personalized travel mug. Look around some more and you will see that there are scores of affordable ideas to fill this dish drainer with. Just remember, it is small - it is not the size of a normal kitchen drainer!

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