Tuesday, May 3

A Fun Film Starring Robin Williams: "RV" Movie

We love RV movies! Mainly because so often we can relate to everything that happens in them. Even when it has nothing to do with the plot, we will find ourselves saying "how will they get the motorhome backed out from that space - they will never fit!"

This is a nice, lighthearted comedy about a father renting an RV to take his family on vacation. The family was supposed to go on a trip to Hawaii, but business obligations force Robin Williams to change their vacation plans. The trouble is, he doesn't tell his family! He hides the fact throughout their trip that he needs to make a presentation in Colorado (the main purpose for the RVing getaway). As you might expect, a whole host of funny scenarios happen along their journey (won't spoil it for you). RVers are certain to get laughs.

RV (Widescreen Edition) is available in full screen, wide screen and Blu-ray.

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