Saturday, April 30

RV Countertop Extension

What does every rver lack, no matter how big the motorhome? SPACE! This is a great little accessory and folds away when not in use. Those extra 12 inches are a gift when cooking in a small kitchen. It has a brace for support and is a nice, neutral oak color, which compliments most rvs.

This would be a great gift for rv owners. Everyone on the road loves receiving an item they never took time to buy for themselves, but would use in a heartbeat if they had it.

I can't tell you how often, when treating ourselves to a large, home cooked meal that involves numerous pots and pans, the dinette table has to serve as an extra place to put them due to lack of counter space. Yes, sometimes the electric mixer plugs into the outlet at our dining room table to make mashed potatoes!

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