Saturday, April 30

Portable RV Holding Tanks

Portable rv holding tanks are a wonderful gift. You might laugh, however, when imagining a waste tank with a big bow on top. But make no mistake, removal of black and gray water is one of the most important challenges to an rver.

The two top brands are the Thetford Smarttote and the Barker Tote-Along. Both companies have regular and deluxe models, available in various sizes.

The purpose of an rv holding tank is to provide an automatic dump station for times when a campground does not have septic available at each site. It is very inconvenient to pack and secure belongings on a weekly basis, just so you can move your travel trailer or motorhome to dump toilet contents! As I type this, we are currently in a lovely, older campground that only has a dump station at the entrance to the park. It can and does happen when rving.

When not in use, they can be secured to the recreational vehicle - so they will always be available for emergencies - but not in the way, when they aren't needed.

These RV Portable Waste Tanks are items most of us would love to have, but rarely would splurge on ourselves.

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