Thursday, April 30

Welcome to gifts for rv owners

Thanks so much for dropping by "Gifts For RV Owners."

We know it can be challenging to think of rv gift ideas for that special someone in your life...because we reside in a 30 foot travel trailer ourselves! Yes, in 2009 we sold everything we owned and took off, completely unprepared (you can read "about us" in the sidebar).

Jim and Robin
Our friends and family love us, but sometimes they don't recognize the space limitations of the rving lifestyle. We just don't have wall space to hang that beautiful picture, nor do we have room for extra furnishings and knick-knacks.

But don't give up hope and resort to giving cash or a gift card, because we like opening presents - we really do! This is why we built this site, so you can explore our recommendations for some of the best gifts for rvers.

We hope you will have fun browsing through our store categories above. You will find many different gift ideas and price ranges to suit all budgets.

Thanks again for looking, Jim & Robin